Always express your emotions

Sometimes we holding back our expressions like sorrow anger and sometimes love.We don’t express our anger because we thinks that hurt anybody but its not good for ourself and even for that anybody. We can hold back our anger but anger store in our body and causes diseases and problems like headaches ,illnesses, backpain and other physical and psychological problems.So it seems a bad idea to store a junk (anger)in your mind and body.So we have to learn to reduce or express our anger without hurt anybody physically, mentally or verbally.Now lets have a look on unexpressed love or praise or other positive expression.There are many causes by which people don’t express that one of the cause is fear, We fear about people’s reaction on our expression and cause is that we think that people know that what we think about them. But atleast one time you express your praise  to people, thier answer or reaction will surprise you.what we think to express first is our inner guide-ness or God Self.thats the guideness what God give us . If we holding back our expressions then we post ponding our freedom and truth and inner peace.So let’s start to express your expression today and a better world is waiting for you👍👍👍👍👍👍


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