Education @ India

In India education is only based on marks and employment. In India schools are the place where a child only teach how to get good marks in exam and most of creativity and self education of child has stopped.India’s secondary and primary is more better than higher education. As higher education is not connected to the industry and there is no place for skills and research.90% students have no aim of teach new things and knowledge they only wants to get good marks in exam.Its because of thier parents pressure on them.In India most of college only is the place of degree contributions there are no place for research and practical education. That’s why Not a single college of India can take place in the list of top 300 colleges of world. ln India government spend only 1 % to 2% money in education of total budget of India and in this money many of money drink by education officers and government education employees and that’s why Sarv Siksha Abhiyan has failed. At higher education only colleges like IIT , BHU , DU , IIM can deserve at Asia level education . This problem can solved by many solutions , one of solutions are to increase money in education by government and private colleges can only give registration when they deserve at world level education and most of education should be research and creativity based not only  be knowledge based. In India students want only marks but some students also like creative knowledge and skills based knowledge.It only happened when government spend on  this type of education and parents and teachers suppots this and students apply this in thier life.



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